Why locate in Sandyford?

Ireland’s World-class Business District

In this technologically-advanced, ultra-connected society, companies flourish in locations with a strong network, information-sharing and collaborative clusters.

Sandyford Business District (SBD) is renowned as a location where great companies grow. Great companies attract the best talent; create exceptional products and services; and do these better, faster and smarter than their competitors.

Sandyford Business District is designated a SMART Region, guaranteeing that businesses which choose to locate here will benefit from a network of intelligence, the finest technological infrastructure and a highly-educated workforce.

Both multinationals and indigenous companies are thriving in Sandyford Business District. Employees and their families are enjoying a desirable lifestyle. Why not springboard your company to its highest potential by locating here?

So what can Sandyford Business District offer you?

You will unlock access to:

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“The four T’s – Track Record, Technology, Tax and Talent – are what makes Ireland great and you too can be part of that if you invest in the Sandyford Business District”
– Enda Kenny, An Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland

What are the many advantages of locating in Sandyford Business District?

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